Home Improvement Maintenance On How To Fix A Fridge

Home Improvement Maintenance On How To Fix A Fridge

Home improvement is the process of renovating or making additions to one’s home. Building materials and hardware for home improvement projects are typically purchased at home improvement stores. While the home improvement alters the structure of the home, it could also include such improvements to lawns, Gardens amongst others. It could however encompass maintenance, repairs and general servicing tasks.

Fridges are major parts of our homes,it’s the next thing to consider after a long stressful day when you need a cold drink or some other edibles to make you feel relaxed. However, Fridges are delicate and as appliances that they are; they are prone to spoils sometimes. The question now is,how do we fix it?

Checking your Fridge’s door seals is quite germaine to the maintenance and repair of your fridge. A loose seal allows cool air to seep out and with this a whole lot of energy is wasted as the Fridge works harder than it needs to. To prevent such leakages, one needs to make sure that the seals are free from food residue. This can be best assured when such door seals are cleaned using a toothbrush and a solution of baking powder and water. However, after doing this, one might need to conduct what is called the dollar bill test. Here,what is done is,after such rigorous cleaning; you might need to fix a dollar bill in the door such that half is in and the other half is out. If it slips out easily,you might need to call for a repair.

The next thing to highlight is the condenser coils. When such condenser coils are dusty,the Fridge might just not work effectively. Well, this can be avoided by pulling out the machine from the wall to reveal the coils in the back and also unplug the Fridge and Vacuum with the brush attachment.

The temperature of the fridge is another maintenance tip to be very mindful of. Keeping the fridge at a moderate temperature between 37 and 40 degrees fahrenheit and the freezer at a 0 degrees fahrenheit would keep the fridge regulated and make it last longer.

The next tip is to always remember to fill the fridge. Even when you dont need to have your edibles and drinks served immediately, just make sure that you have your fridge filled to the brim. The reason for this is to maintain a low temperature as the cool foods and drinks help to absorb warm air that streams in when you open the door. Furthermore, if you happen to be the type that likes to eat out and with that as a condition,you have nothing to store up in your fridge;make sure that you store up jugs of water in them.

Conclusively, when the power goes out;make sure to keep your fridge closed as the closed doors will help keep food safe for about four hours or its equivalent. When all these are done, it helps keep the fridge working fine without a cause to change it. While home improvement tips might be necessary to help reshape the home, it is quite essential to learn to maintain such structures.One of them is the fridge.


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