How To Maintain A Portable Refrigerator

How To Maintain A Portable Refrigerator

Home appliances as well as portable refrigerators require adequate maintenance if they must work efficiently. However, these maintenance are not things that happen by themselves; they include the following:

The positioning of the refrigerator away from direct sunlight or a source of heat such as a furnace,hot water or the likes of that. If your refrigerator has a freezer compartment, do not store in a garage or a place where the temperature is deep below 60 degrees Fahrenheit as the compressor will run less often because of the cooler temperatures which means the unit may fail to keep food or ice frozen.

Placing the refrigerator on a even platform is very much essential to the maintenance of the refrigerator. The portable refrigerator shouldn’t also be allowed to lean on an unstable edge which faces one direction.

Turning the refrigerator to a medium cold setting when you first plug it in if it has a thermostat that you can manipulate. In addition, you can easily adjust the thermostat later for the conditions and items in the refrigerator but starting at a medium temperature would  ensure you do not immediately freeze or thaw food.

Keeping food in such mini refrigerator is also very vital so that your refrigerator is not left over crowded. The cold air needs to circulate to keep food properly chilled.

The cleaning of the fridge should also be done on a monthly basis by wiping down the surfaces with a baking soda solution. The cleaning of the refrigerator surfaces and shelf is also vital to keeping your refrigerator working efficiently. Wiping down the external part of the refrigerator on a weekly basis with a cleaner which is recommended by the appliance manufacturer would wipe away stains and hand prints as well as keeping your refrigerator clean and spotless. This on its own is about the cheapest way of maintaining your refrigerator and keeping it in the best condition.

Unplugging the refrigerator before cleaning the coils and vents on a monthly basis is also a cogent way of maintaining your refrigerator. Fitting the hose attachment to your vacuum cleaner and vacuum the vent and coils in other to prevent dust and pet hair from staying put to the coil is another way of maintaining the refrigerator and this doesn’t in any way compromise the energy efficiency of the refrigerator. With these mode of cleaning, it aids the refrigerator user from preventing such time-outs changing of refrigerator parts.

Another very crucial way of maintaining your refrigerator is by discarding of such perishable items if you know that you will be away for a few weeks. If however it has to be for several months,make sure to to remove all foods and drinks and clean the interior and exterior of the refrigerator and lastly,you need to unplug such refrigerator. Opening the door and placing a towel under the refrigerator as well as inside to absorb run-off moisture for 24 hours is also very fundamental. Before you leave eventually, make sure to remove the towel.

Replacing the rubber seal at the refrigerator’s door  will also prevent your refrigerator from working extra hard. The seals are very much prone to tear due to the process of opening and closing the fridge. If however it is kept that way without a fix,it makes the refrigerator work extra hard and consume more electrical energy.

Maintaining and tidying up of your condenser coils is also crucial to your portable refrigerator’s efficient working. If the condenser coils work extra hard,it affects the functionality of your refrigerator and this can be curbed by investing an inexpensive bristle brush to easily remove any dirt that has accumulated over the years. You don’t have to clean the coils often. All you need do is prevent such pile up that affects the unit’s performance.


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