Refridgerator Or Refrigerator – Things You Need To Know ?

Refridgerator Or Refrigerator – Things You Need To Know

While some might call it the “refridgerator”, the correct spelling is actually refrigerator. Well, while refrigerators are essential parts of our homes and have a high beneficial value to home users; there are many things people don’t know about refrigerators and this will be properly iterated in subsequent lines.

The refrigerators in our homes consumes about 10 percent of the electricity in our common household and the first commercial household refrigerator was actually produced by General Motors back in 1911. It was popularly known as Kelvinator and as at then, it held about 80% of the market.A refrigerator maintains a temperature that is a few degrees above the freezing point of water and when food is stored in it at or below 18 degrees Fahrenheit, such food is actually safe.

To prevent the coils of the refrigerators from actually getting overheated, the refrigerator shouldn’t be placed too close to the wall. It shouldn’t also be placed close to the source of heat such as the stove or the oven. One basic fact about the refrigerator is that the basic unit of all commercial and industrial refrigerator system is the kilowatt and the basic styles of refrigerators are side by side with the freezers with its classical single door with freezer on top or bottom and also the French door styles.

The domestic refrigerators are made in the range of 4L to 600L and fixing of warm food in the refrigerator is actually bad. Furthermore, the first vapour compression refrigerator was developed in 1855 by John Gorrie. Essentially,there are five parts of a refrigerating system and they include;

THE REFRIGERANT which is a liquid or gas that flows through the system and cools the refrigerator. There is also the two sets of pipes that holds the refrigerant and exchange the heat. One is inside, it absorbs the heat  and exchanges it with cold. The other is outside and it releases the heat into the air. The refrigerator also consists of the compressor that rises pressure of the gas in the system and liquefies it. It also consists of the expansion valve that releases the gas pressure and also vaporizes the gas which takes the heat from the inside of the refrigerator.

In addition, the national clean out your fridge day is on November 14 and it is on this day that home owners are advised to thoroughly clean their fridges for prevention of health issues. It is also worthy to note that cook foods can be kept in the fridge for three to four days while fresh foods can be kept in the fridge for only a day or two.Quite importantly, it should be noted that the freon has been used for many years as a form of refrigerating  cooling solution but as time went on, it was discovered that it could be a cause for the Ozone depletion and so it was banned worldwide. Now, instead of Freon, modern refrigerators now use HCFC-22 or HCFC-14 in order to keep the food cool at all times. Unlike the Freon, these coolants are more eco friendly and they ain’t harmful to man’s health. At this junction, it is worthy of note that Energy star fridges are the most economical.

Also, the better models of refrigerators allows one to set the temperature directly but less expensive ones only offer a range of 1-10 and no indication of which setting will provide the target temperature. Many models of the refrigerators offer the energy saver mode that cuts down on the amount of power they use but this comes at the cost of more variations in temperature which can lead to food spoilage more quickly.

Some other major parts of a refrigerator include the  Condenser which is the coil of copper lubing located at the back of the refrigerator. The refrigerant from the compressor enters the condenser where it is cooled by the atmospheric air thus losing heat absorbed by it in the evaporator and the compressor. Another crucial part is the expansive valve or the capillary which is the thin copper turning of the copper coil. When the refrigerant passes through the capillary its pressure and temperature drops down suddenly. It also consists of an evaporator which is the heat changer and also it aids the recycling of heat into spontaneous cool.

The refrigerator also consists of the thermostat which controls the temperature inside the refrigerator. The thermostat stops the power supply when the set temperature is reached in the fridge and when it drops, it restarts again. It also has a defrost system when aids in removing the excess ice from the surface of  the evaporator. The refrigerator also includes some external and very much visible parts which include the freezer compartment, the thermostat control, crisper, refrigerator compartment amongst others.



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