Everyone wants their kitchen super clean and super cool. An integrated or built in fridge is an awesome idea for a smart kitchen, because they beautifully fit in the kitchen and its looks perfect with an eye catching color theme and you can always retain the carefully chosen style. An integrated fridge will help you reduce waste and save money and food bills by keeping food fresh.

An integrated fridge is an ideal solution for maximizing kitchen space because they are available in plenty of different size and beautiful designs that perfectly suits all needs. Adding an integrated fridge to your kitchen keep the groceries chilled in style without ever having to worry about an ugly appliance ruining the look of your kitchen.

For these who prefer more fresh food than frozen this fridge features an impressive technology to keep food fresh for a long time. Meats, fresh fruit and vegetables are stored at a perfect temperature with freezer column ideal for custom placement and full of advanced features. The built in fridge pertains the fresh taste and fast freezing. It can store more so you shop less and it works around the clock saving perfectly chilled food and freezing on demand.

Optimal storage capacity

Thanks to its convenient and verity designs the built in fridge can hold more than a standard fridge.

The No Frost technology

The No Frost technology in the fridge ensures the appliances remains completely free from ice buildup. This means that you will never have to defrost the freezer again, and it will always perform efficiently. Moreover, there will be more space for food, packages will not stick together and labels will always remain readable.

LED technology

LED lights represent the most cutting edge lighting technology, the internal LED lighting produce a brighten light which shines evenly across the whole space. Plus LED technology is smaller and more energy efficient for more space inside and lower energy bills.

Electronic temperature control

The fridge freezer’s electronic digital display provides immediate and accurate feedback on the set temperature, so you can make precise adjustments and create perfect storage conditions on your food and because the temperature is controlled electronically, it also stays stable ensuring greater safety. It comes with Super Cool technology that rapidly drops the temperature to chill newer food quickly so they stay fresher for longer.


Dynamic air technology

Internal fridge fan provides an even and stable temperature in the fridge. This reduces hotspots and condensation leading to food staying fresher for longer.

Specifications and manuals

Wondering where to find the guidance about usage and product information? Our library centralizes everything needed for planning and decision-making. Find product specifications, installation know-how and configuration options with the provided manuals.

Built in fridges are ideal for those who want a large appliance, but want to maintain the current style of their kitchen. With these outstanding features and lot more this makes an integrated fridge a perfect choice for a generous kitchen.