Wine Cooler Or Wine Fridge

415BpSphS3LWine Cooler Or Wine Fridge – Which Would You Prefer?

With regards to wine storage and coolers, one must come to understand some things. One of such things is that it is designed to specifically keep wines of both the red and wine class at their optimum temperature. The wine refrigerator on the other hand has about the same capability but with a little variation.

With regards to wine refrigerator or fridge, apart from the wines kept in such refrigerator there are also other things kept in them and just like any other fridge, it’s temperature is not stable. The temperature is not constant because it is being open from time to time and the other things kept in the fridge alongside the wine could go a long way as contaminating your wine. Most bottles of wine need be stored on their own half and this is basically because it helps the sediment settle and preserves the bottle of wine and it keeps the corks moist. If the corks get dried, it allows  shrinks which makes the bottle prone to getting contaminated by air and the resultant effect is the spoilage of the wine.

Wine coolers on the other hand are quite portable and this invariably relies on the collection you seek to have stored in it. With the wine coolers also, you can control the temperature you need for your wine and also its humidity. A wine cooler is suitable for keeping wine at a consistently cool temperature and it is the best option for wines that you are going to drink soon. With the wine coolers, your wine is assured of a set temperature and it is better for the wine than a refrigerator.

The wine cooler protects the wine from harmful vibration. Wine coolers come in a variety of sizes  that range from small coolers that have the capacity to store from 6 to 20 wine bottles. The wine cooler can be used to store both the red and white wines with each having its own section and an independent thermostat each for both the red and white wines respectively. The whites by their nature should be stored at a lower temperature than the reds. Some wine coolers even have three zones for the purpose of keeping your ready to serve red or white wine at their appropriate temperatures and the middle zone is actually for keeping wines that are still ageing at their correct temperature of 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. You can keep the reds and whites in a single zone which is cooler than the reds on top since the top would naturally be warmer than the bottom.

In the light of the above, it can be deduced that wine coolers are made strictly for wines and they have the required temperature to keep the wine in its natural form and keep its taste. Even more, they have the required process of ageing wines. The Wine refrigerator is actually like any other refrigerator but the difference is that it is not for the purpose of storing the wines kept in it, it is only being used because the user chooses to use it for such purpose. While the wine refrigerator might contain more, chances are that it might through the process of opening and closing, get contaminated and spoilt with air. The wine coolers are cool for medium sized storage and even more but this depends on their capacity. It is a suitable choice for wine lovers and those that like to treat their Guests to a taste of quality wine.

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