Wine Fridges

Just as the name suggests, wine coolers is a refrigerator used to chill your wine to temperatures that are so ideal for serving.  This type of coolers are most suitable for indoor use to enable many enjoy the sparkling wines. The wine coolers come in different designs based on the capacity that one needs therefore giving the consumers a wide range of product selection.

What makes the wine fridges distinct from other refrigerators?

There are distinct features that make the wine fridges stand out of the other cooling devices in the market. Some of the top unique features brought in the coolers include:

Customizable interior

Most of the wine fridges gives you ability to design how the interior will look and feel. In so doing, consumers are able to design the fridge based on their feel. The customization also brings a sense of ownership and say in the entire design of the wine fridge. The fridge interior is made in a special way so that the shelves can accommodate the wine bottles with much easy.

This is a feature not present in the normal fridges in the market today. With this feature, it makes storage of the wine a much easier task. The interior is also made to make it able to hold the wine bottles in an upright position. This is to enable cooling of the open bottles of wine.

Wooden shelves.

Most of the wine fridges have an interior design of the shelves made from the wooden materials. Usually, there is that royalty feel that comes with devices made from fine wooden materials. The wooden shelves give the wine fridges an attractive look and feel. It is a break from the normal type of fridges in market today. It is a human nature to always own devices that are unique from the rest.

Free compressor cooling system.

The wine fridges come with a compressor that makes it possible to operate it in the quite mode. This therefore helps in getting rid of the vibration and noise produced by most of the fridges in the market today. With the feature in place, it makes it possible to have the wine fridge in either your living room or even the bedroom. Most of the fridges today, have fans that are noise and vibrate, this usually makes it hard to have the fridge operate in quite places.

Adjustable storage capacity

The wine fridges do come in different storage capacities. There are those for holding 12, 18, 24 bottles of wine. It therefore gives the consumers a wide range to select from based on the people using the fridge. It means that you can enjoy the services of the wine fridge based on your needs.


Since the wine fridges come in different storage capacities, it also means that the cost also varies based on this capacity. It makes it possible for consumers from different social classes to enjoy similar services.


The wine fridges are the best must have commodity in this era. Always enjoy the cool and sparkling wine courtesy of the wine colers.


Avanti 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Counter Top Wine Cooler – Model EWC1201

Storing opened wine in an upright position just got better. This wine cooler allows for storage of the wines in upright and horizontal position. The curved glass door gives the wine cooler a modern and stylish look, very appealing to the eye. The classic cabinet with a platinum finish complement your house décor making this your best living room partner.


New Air AW-281E 28 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

With a large capacity design, no worries on the number of bottles to cool at ago. The fully customizable interior makes the cooler stand out. With an attractive and stainless steel design, you are sure it will compliment your home décor. The digital display gives you the techy feel within the house. Guaranteed quiet operation with the presence of compressor free cooling system.


NewAir AW-181E Space Saver 18 Bottle Thermoelectric Stainless Steel Wine Cooler

Enjoy a storage capacity of up to 18 wine bottles with this cooler that comes with a double paned glass door for better insulation. The interior illumination makes the wine cooler attractive and gentle. Chill your wine to the perfect temperatures with the aid of a digitized thermostat with assured quiet operations.


AKDY® 21 Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Freestanding Wine Cooler Cellar Chiller Refrigerator Fridge Quiet Operation with Wooden Shelves.

The LED display and an electronic touchpad gives you the precise control over temperature with this type of wine cooler. Guaranteed low energy consumption, reduced noise, vibration and less dissipation of heat makes it the best wine cooler to own today. The wooden shelves makes it a perfect must have piece of art.


Kalamera 28 Bottle Stainless Steel Freestanding Wine Refrigerator.

The soft blue Led light makes the interior stylish and elegant. With low noise and vibration, it is a wine cooler that can operate anywhere in your house. The beech wooden shelves makes the wine cooler have a classic look always. It comes equipped with a digital temperature control for increased efficiency in adjustments.


AKDY 32 BTL Electric Wine Cooler Cellar Chiller Single Zone AZ-EA44EC-75

With low energy consumption and efficient dissipation of heat, the wine cooler is very environmental friendly. Keeps up to 32 bottles of wine cool at the same time with the help of an electronic touchpad for efficient temperature adjustments. Comes with a thermoelectric fan responsible for less noise and vibration.


Igloo FRW133 12-Bottle Wine Cooler with Digital Temperature Display, Black

Small in size yet very effective, the wine cooler stores up to 12 bottles of wine. The 2 layer glass design of the door makes it attractive and appealing. The black exterior color and the adjustable height of the shelves make the wine cooler unique. Best suited for small families.


NewAir AW-321ED 32 Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Wine Cooler, Stainless Steel & Black.

Have a look at the capacity, up to 32 bottles of wine storage. The wooden pullout shelves makes the interior of the wine cooler have the silk and stylish look. The dual zones LED controls gives you an easy and best way to adjust the temperature of the cooler. The two door design brings the total beauty of the wine cooler.


Koldfront 24 Bottle Free Standing Dual Zone Wine Cooler – Black and Stainless Steel

The removable wooden shelves gives the perfect impression of the wine cooler from a distant. Ability to store both white and red wine makes the cooler of its kind. A tempered glass door with the stainless trim brings out the look and feel of the cooler. The dual zone control with an LED display makes it easier to adjust the temperatures.

AKDY® 28 Bottle Single Zone Thermoelectric Freestanding Wine Cooler Cellar Chiller Refrigerator Fridge Quiet Operation

Perfect capacity of up to 28 wine bottles, best for medium sized families. The wine cooler has a unique design characterized by the LED interior lighting and wooden shelves that make it look attractive. A touchpad that helps adjust the temperatures brings total control over the coolness of the wine.